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CMSA's Resource Toolbox

The CMSA Resource Toolbox features links to a collection of over 100 case management resources, including white papers, journal articles, and websites that care management professionals will find useful in their practice. As a dynamic resource that will constantly be updated on an ongoing basis to stay relevant and current, the Toolbox is designed to help case managers in all areas of expertise and care settings strengthen the development of their individual practice and the profession of case management as a whole.

The online toolbox is a CMSA member-only benefit to help care managers in their day-to-day practice as they advocate for patients’ wellbeing and improved health outcomes and help patients understand their current health status, what they can do about it and why those treatments are important.

Offering browse and searchable keyword functionalities, the Toolbox features 20 categories, ranging from Aging/Eldercare to Transitional Care Resources, and 18 work settings, including Acute Care, Long-term/Sub-Acute, and Workers’ Compensation.

CMSA also invites members to suggest new resources that might be useful for the Toolbox and plans to review suggestions periodically for inclusion. Member feedback is welcomed regarding the usage of its Toolbox and any of the resources it references.

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